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Forester Don Waggoner stands before the furnace that powers the historic Hull-Oakes Sawmill featured in our 2010 Forest Discovery Tours.


Larry Johnson, manager of the Bureau of Land Management’s Tyrell Seed Orchard, talks about seed collection, propagation and the tree improvement program on the July 9th Forest Discovery Tour.


Forest tour participants pause for a photo at a
pre-pole logging site on the Giustina Land & Timber and Giustina Resources tour.


Forester Cary Hart talks about reforestation and bio mass harvesting on the Giustina Forest Discovery Tour.


Forests “tourists” explore
a fish-friendly culvert installed near Shotgun Creek on the Weyerhaeuser
Company tour.

Art McCoy

Art McCoy
of the ODF stands at
one of the sites on the
Forest Discovery Tour.

Forest Scene 1

Tourists on one of our Forest Discovery Tours will view differing age timber stands such as this …

Forest Scene 2

… from newly cut
and planted …

Forest Scene 3

… to well-established second and third growth.

Join us on these free tours and discover how sustainable forestry is being practiced in Oregon.

As residents of a timbered state, there is much to know about our most abundant natural resource. Over the years, FT&F has worked to answer many questions the public — and interested private groups — may have about our forests and their management by providing free tours of our surrounding private, state and federal woodlands, as well as our manufacturing facilities, our tree farms and our seed orchards.

On these tours you will get to see parts of Oregon that are off the beaten track. We look at different aspects of forestry — from harvest to reforestation, young stands to mature— and show you examples of how the Oregon Forest Practices Act is working to protect wildlife habitat, streams and soils.

The tours are lead by the foresters that have a working knowledge of these forests. They are the people who write the harvest plans. We encourage tour participants to ask questions. Everyone who has participated in our tours has said they would recommend it to others. Join us and see why.

Today's Needs . . .

Throughout the globe, our use of wood products is increasing. Worldwide, each one of us uses three pounds of wood every day. That's about a tree every year!

With a world population of more than 6 billion, how can we manage our forests to meet increasing demands while at the same time protect the resources that we all treasure?

How do forest managers balance wood production while providing clean water, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities?

In Oregon, foresters use cutting-edge science and technology to provide many of the answers. As science and technology change, new forest management practices are implemented.

Tomorrow's Choices . . .

Every day we make choices that impact our forests. We do this by what we purchase; what we recycle; how much water we use; and by a host of other decisions.

In Oregon, the public contributes to many of our natural resource decisions. As these choices may have long-lasting impacts, we need to make them as well-informed citizens.

We invite you to come and take a firsthand look at how our forests are being managed. Our tours cover a wide range of forest ownership with varying goals and objectives, resulting in a diversity of management styles. Come on our tours and see for yourself how forest landowners are working to create sustainable forests for today and forever.

Forest Discovery Tours

If you are interested in a tour for a specific group, please contact us at coordinator@foreststodayandforever.org.

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